What is success? Really? (Part 1)

What we think we know 

The internet is full of books, articles, and videos about how to be successful. If you do a quick search on Google, or Youtube or Amazon, (which are the largest search engines out there), I can almost guarantee you that you’ll be overwhelmed with the number of results you’ll find (Trust me, I did that before!). Most of them will talk about how you can be a millionaire, how to be an entrepreneur, how to find love and build successful relationships, how to invest in the stock market, how to earn more than X dollars in Y months, etc.

Well, I have no problem with that, I think there are several extremely valuable content out there, that I have personally consumed, and that can help us be more productive, get us into that “winning mindset” and give us tips on how to move forward with whatever we encounter, and that’s great!

Some uncomfortable questions? …. Well, yeah, that’s what I’m here for!

However, I sometimes wonder whether that is what we call success! I mean yes, financial independence is a good component to a comfortable life, but saying that being successful means that you are rich does not seem very right to me.

We have all witnessed stories of extremely unhappy yet very wealthy people. We have seen some of our favorite movie stars or singers getting into drug addictions and having lousy relationships. Is that being successful? Can we call someone who is running a huge business, and who can afford all the forms of wealth he wants, but doesn’t seem to enjoy anything and decides to commit suicide, can we call that success? My answer is: I don’t think so!

We also have seen stories of wealthy yet very unhappy people not only in movies and series but also in our surroundings. We see some very powerful, yet extremely empty people who feel stuck in that image and that role that they have to play in the world, to a point where they end up being emotionally drained and can even develop some serious psychological disorders. But, why is that?

Another set of uncomfortable questions? … Here we go!

So, it makes you wonder what are they missing? Shouldn’t they be the happiest? Does being successful mean that you’re happy? What is the use of success if it’s not making us happy? And what is more important? success or happiness? Isn’t success supposed to be an achievement and make us feel good?

Well, these are some pretty hard questions right there, no? (I hate to say I told you so, LOL). But seriously, isn’t it important to know about these concepts of success and happiness? Of course, it is. After all, it is what EVERYBODY is looking for, right? You don’t find somebody saying that they want to be unhappy or they enjoy being a failure! Ok, maybe a few, but those are the exceptions.

To be continued

Until next time, stay blessed


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