Let’s find out more about who you are! (Part 1)

The asset of time

I’m pretty sure you all know that saying about the three most important assets in our lives. Either you do or you don’t, let’s all refresh our minds with the following image:

I think it’s self-explanatory and I think we all agree on it to a certain level. But, isn’t it a bit different today with this lockdown situation?

First of all, wherever you are in the world, I hope that when you’re reading this post you are healthy and you are taking all the necessary precautions to stay safe! The odds are if you’re reading this right now that you’re fairly young, mostly healthy and suddenly have a lot of free time that you don’t know what to do about. I gotta say, I was overwhelmed with the idea that I will need to stay home for a long time, because I get easily bored and I’m usually always doing something, so I frankly had no idea how I’ll survive this. I talked a bit more in detail about that in my last post “surviving coronavirus lockdown… Lessons learned”, so make sure you check that out. But then, I have to be honest, I’m getting used to this new lifestyle, and I’m kinda enjoying it! Don’t get me wrong, of course, I want this pandemic to end but I wish I could continue working from home and have time to do other things too, don’t you?

The bottom line is that we need to look at the bright side and take advantage of every situation we have in our lives. And so the way I see it, this lockdown is a HUUUGE opportunity for me to think more, to connect more and to do all the things that I used to wish I had the time to do.

So what about we all take this opportunity and use it to be a better version of ourselves for our “after Coronavirus” life? Sounds good? Great! Let’s go then? But, if you are reading this after this crisis is over, it really doesn’t matter, because what I am about to tell you here is something that we all need to do every now and then, just to get perspective of our lives and to know ourselves better as well as where do we stand in this beautiful journey called life.

Personal project management

Let’s look at ourselves as a project for a while, shall we? So, that means that we’ll take a certain distance from ourselves and try to look at ourselves as if we were a project, or a company or a business.

When you visit a website for the first time and you want to learn if you’re interested in a project or if you want to join a company or whatever, what do you look at first? Usually, most people will visit the “About us” web page, right? It’s where you’re expected to know a bit about the team, the values and the objectives of the project or company, right? So what about we try to draft that page about the BIGGEST project in our lives and with which we will be stuck until we die? What about we try to write a few words about who we are? What are our values and what are our objectives?

Why do we need to do that anyway?

We have to know who we are, and that means to know the things that are important for us, our principles, our ethics, our skills, our problems,etc. We have to know what we like and what we don’t like, we have to discover our talents. We have to face ourselves with our weaknesses and our darkest fears. We have to know where we stand in our journey and we ought to be very honest with ourselves in this. And we have to do all of this because we need to know where we stand, we need to figure out exactly where our starting point i²s. Because guess what? unless we have a starting point and a destination point, our lives are just gonna be like those road trips some of us can do when they’re lost, going in circles in the same area without even knowing it! Some people’s lives can be exactly a set of vicious circles where nothing is clear, no starting point and no destination, just surviving, eating and sleeping until they die. Well, I sure don’t want my life to be like that and if you’re reading this then my guess is you don’t want that life either!

I talk about being honest with ourselves not because I’m assuming that we are lying to ourselves, although that can happen sometimes to the best among us, but because our brains actually can make us fool ourselves just to protect us from the discomfort caused by honestly answering some questions. As Dr. Richard Feynman, Nobel prize-winning physicist said: “The first principle is that you must not fool yourself, and you are the easiest person to fool”.

So let’s all take our favorite journal, or diary or just a pen and paper, or a new note on your phone (it doesn’t matter, and you have no excuse in not doing it!). Let’s take that and start writing the things that we think define us. You can start by your name, your profession, your country, your sex, your city, your religion, your hobby, something that you’re good at, a skill that you master, something that you love doing it doesn’t matter if you’re good at it or not, something you enjoy, the music you like, your favorite color, your favorite books, etc.

Why is it important to write things down?

What’s better than thinking it? Oh I know, inking it! It means that it will be much more helpful if you actually write things down on a piece of paper even if you will just throw that paper away right after you finish because you don’t want anybody else discovering what you wrote. I used to do that by the way, I used to write in my journal especially if something is upsetting me, I would just write everything and pour my heart into it (usually in tears) then I would cut it into pieces and throw it away. So, I know what you may be feeling, and that’s okay as long as you say it to yourself and you’re being honest with yourself, it really doesn’t matter much if you’ll keep that paper! It’s your brain we are interested in, and when you write something down on a paper, it is also written in your memory and your brain is most likely to believe it and remember it then if it was just a simple thought.

To be continued

Until next time, stay blessed!


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