Ok, Who the heck do I think I am ? (Part 3)

My spiritual self

I consider myself to be a very spiritual and rational person, and that’s why I decided to create this blog to talk more about the power of spirituality on our lives, to remind us all of the reason why God created us, and to hopefully help some of you to find more meaning and to achieve true success in all aspects of their lives.

Why am I doing this?

During most of my travels, I have been asked multiple times about my religion (Because I’m a Hijabi, so people know immediately my religious identity). I’ve been asked sometimes some very basic, yet quite difficult questions like why do you wear hijab? Or why do you pray? Etc. But, I could also see that people were surprised sometimes to see that a Hijab-wearing Muslim woman from this small country in North Africa is actually enjoying her life, communicating freely with people, and giving speeches in international events.

Some people would come and ask me if I had lived abroad because they just couldn’t imagine that I would be living in a Muslim country and still be as independent and fulfilled as they see I am. That had caused me to think a lot about the perception that people have about Islam and Muslims and especially Muslim women. However, I could not blame them, these are people who only hear about Muslims either in the news where they’re referred to as “terrorists” or “ignorant”. I am not gonna lie, it pains me to see all the hatred and negativity that is out there towards Muslims, caused mainly by these stupid stereotypes and misconceptions about Islam and Muslims. But at the same time, I find that there were very few people out there who are trying to explain what this religion is really about, in a language that non-muslims would understand. So, I decided to do something about it, in my own little way!

My intention behind this blog

Through this blog, my hope is to give the online community a chance to read about a muslim’s lifestyle before judging it, and to try to correct some of these misconceptions that have been deeply forged into some people’ brains. My hope is also to provide some valuable tips that will help us be fulfilled in all aspects of our lives, including the spiritual aspect by getting closer to our Creator, connecting more on a deeper spiritual level and making us closer to the best version of ourselves every day!

What to expect from this blog?

In my next blog posts, I would like to talk about how we can work on ourselves on a personal and spiritual level. We all read books and watch clips of personal development coaches who always say that we have to go figure out what is important for us, we have to work on ourselves, etc. Ok, great! But how do we do that? Well, let’s be fair, some of them give you tips on how you can do this, but it’s usually super fast that you don’t have the time to follow!

I think personal and spiritual development is a journey, it takes time and it never ends. The more we know about ourselves, the more we discover how much we still don’t know, and how much work we still have to do. But the most important thing is to start that journey never give up, to keep moving forward and to keep working on an issue at a time.

Each blog post or series of posts will treat a particular topic that will help us be more fulfilled on a spiritual and professional level. So, if you are interested in having tips and enough space to work on your personal and spiritual life to find more meaning and purpose to your life, to find true joy and happiness, then I would like to invite you to subscribe to this blog so that you’ll receive a notification every time in your blog post is published.

Success! You're on the list.

Just a small disclaimer here!

OK, just a disclaimer here! I am not a personal development coach nor a religious scholar. I am just somebody who had read some books about this topic, participated in many seminars, listened to a few podcasts and watched an endless number of videos about it made by the top coaches in the world or by the most respected religious scholars out there. I am somebody who is passionate about this topic and who is working on herself and wants to share her journey with you and hopefully learn from yours as well. I am someone who had gone through some dark moments in her life and who had to figure out a way to stand up on her feet and keep moving towards your dreams.

Salaam means peace, Salamo Alaikum everybody

I would like to finish by saying that when I talk about spirituality in this blog, it will mainly be about Islamic teachings because I believe Islam is the right religion for all humankind. However, I just wanted to stress out the fact that I respect everybody here no matter what his or her religion or background is. I know that for most Westerners, Islam is mostly a mystery and that all the misconceptions and the stereotypes about Muslims that are out there are not helping at all. My hope is to try to give you tips and tools to help with your overall success from the perspective of a modern independent Muslim woman who lives in one of the Muslim countries. And then for those of you who are already Muslims, I pray that this initiative will help us all to be better every day, to strengthen our connection with our creator, thrive more in the world and be more successful in all aspects of our lives.

Let me know where you come in the comment section below, I would love to get to know you too!

Until next time, stay blessed!

Salaam 😀

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