Let’s find out more about who you are! (Part 2)

So, Who are you?
This is one of the basic questions that we should all be able to answer. My first post in this blog was a small introduction to my answer, see “Ok, who the heck do I think I am (Part 1, 2 and 3)”. When we are asked this question, we usually introduce ourselves by our names, and what we do in life either our profession or our field of research, or what we are studying, etc. That’s fine, especially if you’re in a meeting and people need to know who you’re representing because they’ll address you accordingly. But is it really who you are? When you are alone in your room and you are thinking about your life, is it what you think about, just your name and title?
Knowing who we are is a very important step to success, before as you may have heard before “you cannot succeed if you’re trying to be somebody else”. Success is a long journey and you can’t make it pretending that you are somebody else. But to know ourselves, we have to start asking the right questions!

That was not very hard, was it? It’s very important not to think too much about each question, because your brain can trick you in giving an answer that will make you look good ( It just wants to feed your ego), but remember you’re just a project right now and all you’re trying to do is to define who is the team of the project. And by the way, nobody has to read that except you, so feel free to define that project the best way you can. And if you can’t answer some questions, no worries, move on to the next ones, and you can come back at them later. Remember, it’s not a test, it’s a project!

Who are you? (Round 2)

Congratulations if you have answered the first set of questions, now let’s move on with the second round. So again, always on the same tool you’ve chosen to write, try to answer the following questions: what are the things that you think you don’t have and you’d like to have? (It could be a material thing, a skill or a feeling or a list of all those) Are you a kind person? Are you a social person? Are you an introvert or an extrovert? What are you afraid of? What are you stressed about? What is the source of pain in your life? Do you think you deserve to be better?

I’m sorry if these questions are a bit harder, they can even trigger some emotions but they are soooo important to answer if you wanna know who you are, so you can figure out what is your role and your meaning in this life. If you find that it’s too much to do in one session, you might want to schedule some alone time sessions where you can think about these different questions as honestly as possible, and take all the time you need!

Also, some of these questions can be a little harder to answer on your own, so you may want to be willing to accept some critics from others. You can ask your parents, brothers or sisters, spouse, or best friend about the things that you would like to know more about and ask them to be very honest. If they are honest with you, they know you well and they love you, they will give you some of the answers that you would never have come up with alone. It might be frustrating, and it may make you uncomfortable but it is worth it, trust me!

Another thing that can help you answer your questions is to take some personality tests. There are some free tests that you take online and can give you some pretty interesting feedback based on you answering some questions in the test at the best of your knowledge, and without thinking much about what will make you look good! Remember, if you’re going to fool yourself, then there is no point in doing this exercise in the first place. Some of these tests that I have taken myself and found very helpful are the 16 personalities test and the personalityperfect test.

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