About time management and procrastination (Part 1)

What is time management?
If we look up the definition of management in the dictionary, we find that it is defined as being “the process of dealing with or controlling things or people”. Of course, there are plenty of other definitions of management, that depend on the discipline you’re using it in, but if we focus on this basic simple dictionary definition, we see that managing is about dealing with and controlling. This means that when we talk about time management, we will be talking about processes and ways to “control” our time or to “deal with” our time.

I’ll have to make a small pause here just to remind you that there is no such thing as controlling time. Time is there, it goes by and there is nothing you can do about it unless you’ve been successful in building a time machine and it actually worked, in that case, all I’m saying in this post is nonsense because you have other more cool things to do with your “time”. But the thing is, most of us are just using time, spending time but not controlling it. It is the one thing that is soo precious, and yet we cannot buy it. I mean we can’t find somebody who has more than 60 minutes in an hour or 24 hours in a day, (unless they’re traveling to a different time zone and so the first day they might seem like they have extra 2 hours in a day but the jetlag will be taking care of that, trust me, I’ve been there, or maybe they’re going to space but that’s another subject). And so this idea of time management is not correct, and some experts say that it is total nonsense. But I think, that while controlling time is almost impossible for the average person living on this planet, dealing with time by effectively using it is very possible and very important to all of us.

Why is time important?
Let me ask you a question “ why is time very important that we would want to manage it ?”. A lot of people will tell you when they’re asked this question that time is money, and that’s why it is important. But, is it true? Well, I understand the thinking behind that since we’ve been taught in our jobs that we get paid on the number of hours we spend at work. And so let’s say a person gets paid 100 dollars an hour, that means that for every hour he spends working he’ll get 100 dollars but for every dollar he spends doing something else, it feels like it’s wasted. He’s not getting paid for the time he sleeps, he’s not getting paid for the hours he spends to drive his children to school in the morning. While thinking that time is money can be beneficial sometimes to push us to be productive and not waste our time, it can also be so destructive to the person’s mind to only see his time on this earth as an opportunity to make money.

I don’t want to talk about how that time=money equation is no longer true and can never make someone rich. We will talk about that some other time, in another post. But for now, let’s focus on “time”.

What is more valuable ? time or money?
I think time is more valuable than money. It is our greatest asset in this life, simply because when it’s over, we literally die. We all know that but somehow we forget about it, and we avoid talking about death, maybe because we are so afraid of dying, even if we all know that we will eventually die sooner or later. I’m not here to tell you that you should think more about death, and stuff like that, all I’m trying to say here is that the time we have, those days and hours that we sometimes hope they’ll pass quickly are the most valuable assets that we have. WE can have less money, but as soon as we’re alive we can always find ways to make money or do whatever we want or can. But if we have all the money in the world and our time is over, then it doesn’t matter because it’s over.

Time is more valuable than money because we can use the time to make money, to make friends, to travel the world, to be with our families, to help others, to learn new things, etc. Everything that can bring joy to us requires that we spend some time doing it, even if it’s just taking a nap after lunch. That time spent doing that thing could be seconds or could be months but what is sure is that we can’t achieve anything without investing time in it.

To be continued

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