My struggle with procrastination

It’s been a while (almost a month) since I last posted anything on this blog. I didn’t know exactly why it seemed like it was getting harder for me to write. But then again, wait a minute, I think I know.
At first, I started looking for excuses (classic, right?): Well, the lockdown is kinda over and I’m getting back to my normal work schedule… The fear of the unknown is stressing me out and I can’t focus on writing anymore, Bla Bla Bla.
Then I admitted to myself that all I did was bullshitting myself. But at the same time, I didn’t seem to be able to write anything. Why? How is it so hard?

The funny part (quiet ironic) is that I wanted to finish the post series about time management and procrastination. I’ve read a lot about those subjects, I even did a live session on Instagram about it, and I am usually pretty good at managing my priorities and getting the best out of the time I have. However, I still go through times where procrastination takes over. And although it helps most of the time, knowing about it and about what I should do to address it doesn’t always make it easier for me to overcome this problem.

And so, yes, as ironic as this might sound, I was procrastinating about writing a post about procrastination. I know, It’s terrible! Whenever I wanted to start writing, I would remember that I myself have been procrastinating, and so how would I dare write something to help you guys to tackle procrastination while I am still struggling with it?
It felt terrible! I felt completely useless and incapable of writing anything good. AAAAgh, I hate this feeling! I tried to think about dropping that subject and write about something else. I did! But I only posted a few of them on Instagram. I felt that I was failing you, that maybe I’m incapable of writing and that I should just drop this blog thingy.

The frustration was real, and that’s why I finally decided to let myself be aware of my feelings, to talk about them to you guys, let you know of my struggles and hopefully get over them and start writing and sharing things with you again!
I think every writer/blogger goes through these times once in a while. I think procrastination is a very bad poison to productivity and creativity. But, we all have it. Maybe some more than others and maybe sometimes worse than other times. But, I shared this story with you to let you know that I also struggle with it sometimes. So if there is something that you want to do right now, and don’t seem to do it, please be aware that you’re not alone, be kind to yourself and please don’t beat yourself up like I did, because trust me! It doesn’t make it any easier!

Anyways, since I just poured my heart to you, I feel like I now will finally get back to writing and posting more frequently, so stay tuned! I might postpone that damn post about procrastination for a little while until I feel that I gained my own battle Lol, but it will come soon.

Last but not least, I would like to thank you for reading this, and let you know that I am really excited about getting back on track and share more helpful and interesting tips with you guys!

Much love ❤
Until next time, stay blessed

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