Is your life balanced?

Everything in life is in balance. Too much of something no matter how good it is can be harmful, and too little of something even if it’s bad can be necessary.
A balanced diet is the best one for you, balanced relationships are the happiest, and a balance in spirituality makes you a better person, etc.
When it comes to the laws of physics, balance is well understood. For example, we know exactly where the centre of gravity is for each object, we can determine exactly the angle, the speed or the direction for a rocket to get from point A to point B, and if it doesn’t work, there is always a scientific explanation for that.
However, when it comes to our own balance as humans, things are not as clear. There is no ready-to-use formula to find our balance in life. We gotta try over and over again, we fail sometimes, we learn from our mistakes as much as we can and we keep trying, but we have no guarantees that it will work this time except faith and hope.
The forms of balance that we should try to achieve can be between our hearts and minds, between the good in us and the bad in us (and yes, we all have that!), between our passions and fears, between our freedom and responsibilities, between our courage and our vulnerability, between the importance of material and immaterial things, and sometimes it can even be between ourselves and others, etc.
There is no “model exercise” to know by hard and follow here, everyone of us has his/her own journey, the forces are rarely exactly the same and even if they are the same, their intensity surely differs from a person to another.
Which form of balance do you find to be the hardest to achieve? Share with me in the comment section below 👇 and I’ll talk about it in future posts inchaAllah 🙂

Until next time, stay blessed


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