The dance of life

“Life is a dance between what you want the most and what you fear the most” Anthony Robbins
When I first heard this, I was like wow, this makes perfect sense!
First, it recalled the idea that pleasure and pain are the two emotions that drive all our actions. We are driven by the idea of the pleasure we will feel if we attain that goal, we eat that hamburger or we engage with that person. Our other types of action are driven by fear to feel pain, either physical, spiritual, emotional or social types of pain.
I think this quote also gives a clear picture of the most important things we should absolutely figure out in our lives, without which we are deprives from having more happy and wholehearted lives, which are as follows:
Point A: What we want the most: our dreams, desires, goals, obsessions, cravings, or maybe just instant gratifications and rewards.
Point B: What we fear the most: death, pain, failure, being laughed at, losing someone or something, etc.
Also, I personally think that this quote also refers to the fact that life is not always about pleasure and happiness nor about pain and fear throughout. It is a mixture of the two, we have to enjoy everything it offers us but we have to keep coming to our fears, face them, and use them because it is the only way we will have a chance at fulfilling our desires and having what we want in life. The good news is that we are the ones deciding how much time we will spend on each side of the dance floor 😃
Another important concept that I liked about this quote is the concept of “dance” which implies flexibility, fluidity and also willingness. Dancing is usually associated with joy and a happy face and so being able to dance between two things means that we should be willing to put in the effort while keeping a smiling face not only when we’re headed towards point A, which I would call hope, but also when we’re headed towards or when we’re standing in point B which i would call patience.
Let’s all commit ourselves to be more hopeful and patient as much as we can during this journey called life❤️
Much love ❤️

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