Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Sometimes things go wrong, and growing up means that you have to learn to let it go.

Every single experience you have in your life, whether it’s good or bad, teaches you to a lesson, and learning is all what this life is about.


The thing is we learn more from bad experiences than good ones. And the more we go through hard times, the more we get stronger, more immune to next hardships.


The moment you get that and you start welcoming some experiences into your life even if you’re not sure if there are good decisions or not, is the moment you start embracing the uncertainty that comes with this journey called life and you start enjoying your life exactly as it is.


There is no such thing as perfection in this life, there is no such a thing as absolute happiness, and there is no such a thing as a human being who doesn’t make mistakes.


Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Actually, I encourage you and myself to make as much mistakes as you can afford to, and as long as you’re not hurting anyone else. Experience life, try things out, dare to do whatever you want or think you want to do and stop worrying about whether it’s a mistake.

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