10 new habits for the year ahead

Hello beautiful people!

Today is my birthday, which means that it’s the time for me to do a list of the new habits I want to implement in my life this year to be happier and more fulfilled. I do this every year, and I find it to be super helpful. Note that this is different from the new resolutions list, which I usually do at the beginning of the calendar year. This is about habits, those little changes that we can do in our every day life that can have major impact if we stay consistent with them!

I usually keep this to myself but this time, I thought that I would share that with you guys, and hopefully it will inspire you to do yours. So, yeah, without further adue, here is my list of 10 habits that I want to implement this year, without any particular order, besides the one of my thoughts:

1- Every morning, think about 10 things you are grateful about

2- Read 10 pages of Quran every day/ Listen to 20 minutes of Quran every day

3- Read about something new for at least 10 minutes a day

4- Workout for at least 10 minutes a day

5- Invest 10% to 20% of your income every month

6- Fast for at least 10 extra days a year (nawafil): that’s one day a month, without counting Ramadan and Chaoual

7- Learn the meaning of one Ayah a week: Read Tafsir and meditate about it

8- Reduce sugar consumption from your diet

9- Stop looking at screans 1 hour before bedtime

10- Take a long walk (about 10 Km) at least once a week

I hope this inspires you to do little changes in your every day life to improve the quality of your life, your energy and your overall happiness.

Until next time, stay Blessed!

Much love ❤

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